Practice 1         Establish Clear Leader Ship Role and Responsibilities of Board

            The Board should demonstrate a thorough understanding of its leadership role assume its responsibilities in overseeing the company and strengthen good governance as leader in organization with clear goad on operation of company and its subsidiaries not only to growth in business but also build a sustainable in business and drive society as well which has regulations of company for management and business operation in accordance to companys regulations and objectives. In order to structure authority and clearly responsibility under management policies with openness transparent and verifiable in good practices as follow:

1. Practices in accordance to laws, regulation and objective of company as well as resolution of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders with honesty and for benefit of company

2. Keep track on business operation of company and devote time to attend the board meeting in order to give opinions and consider various businesses on a regular basis

3. Report of securities acquisition and changes in securities holding of the company, spouse and children who have not yet become sui juris to Securities and Exchange  Commission and Stock Exchange of Thailand

4. When directors have an interest either directly or indirectly in any agreement or businesses that company has made during fiscal year must inform the company

5. In case, directors need to purchase asset of company, sell assets to company or do business with company as perform on behalf of oneself or on behalf of others must be approve by Board of Directors. By this, should not violate regulations of Securities and Exchange Commission, Stock Exchange of Thailand and any related laws

6. In offering companys securities; directors should monitor and ensure that the financial status information is shown together with business operation as well

7. Hand in documentation to registrar, Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce; directors should monitor and ensure that financial status is shown and business operation with actual results and do not conceal information that the public should know

            In addition, Board of Director meeting each year apart from assigning mission and also formulates strategies in operating in accordance with mission each year for management to proceed in accordance to required policies including preparation of Article of Association which specified duties and responsibilities for Board of Directors and Sub-Committee. This Article of Association stipulates that the Board of Directors shall manage operations of the company in accordance with laws, regulations and resolutions of shareholders meeting as well as process of approve any importance operation in accordance with laws including establish regulation of company and its subsidiaries.

            Board of Directors has realized importance of promoting ethical values in order to become a corporate culture so has prepared Code of Conduct (in written) and gives to Directors, Executives and employees to understand and aware on standard of ethical that company uses in its business operation and wishes everyone to use in organization as a framework to practice strictly as to show responsibility to work, shareholders, colleague, stakeholder and society. Moreover, avoid any behavior that may risk ethics and may also cause violation of the law as well. Incidentally, Code of Conduct applies for Directors, Executives and every employee.

              Year 2021, Directors, Executives and every employee need to practices in accordance to code of conduct strictly and no action is taken on the subject on Code of Conduct