Employees Ethics has made for guideline as the standard for 

employees to acts behave ethically which consists as follows:


          Employees has a duty to understanding ethics whenever in doubt then should ask their supervisor (Human Resources Department) or any assigned person whom responsibilities for follow-up to code of ethics through provided channels including notify head of any responsible person when seeing the violation or not practicing among code of ethics and cooperate in investigating various facts with agencies or individual as assigned by company


Good Corporate Governance Working Team

          Responsible for creating book on Code of Conducts and reviews or update as appropriate which includes complaints, reviews and follow up among ethics


All levels of Management

          1.       Encourage compliance with ethics and practice as a good example.

          2.       Broadcast policies including comments (open minded) related to practice  among ethic

          3.       Have staff training as responsible and provide a management system that  complies with the legal and regulatory requirements of the company

          4.       Supervise the performance of the unit in accordance with relevant regulations


Human Resource or any agencies taking care of Human Resource

          Responsible for clarification to employees to be aware of the duty to follow the code of ethics and hand in employees’ ethics to new employees


Employees Ethics

1.       Practices among company

         Employees need to practices along laws and regulations which include rules and company’s order thus avoid being involved with illegal activities or contrary to public order or morals. In addition to legal compliance, all employees must comply with ethical obligations as we consider business ethics to be a valuable asset to the company.

2.       Self-Treatment

          1)       Keep in mind to be honest, righteously and ethics in business

          2)       Perform duties with responsibilities, discreet as dedicated body and mindset  of working by taking benefit of organization as a key

          3)       Perform duties with diligently as well as seek ways to develop and work to be effective enough

          4)       Keep your honors to be accepted in society

          5)       Be disciplined and comply with corporate regulations, corporate value and  good tradition whether written or not

          6)       Avoid any actions may impacts reputation and image of organization or problem to organization later on

          7)       Do not take your organization’s time to do other work or use as personal benefits that effect on cannot fully work in workplace of the organization

3.       Practices toward Customers, Related Person and Society

          1)       Facilities and treat the contact with gentleness, willingness and full capacity without any delay

          2)       Listen to feedback or suggestions from other people and be ready to provide accurate information on their status

          3)       Appreciation of others, treat others with equality and honor to others

          4)       Being involve in create and develop a society without causing any damage to work and corporate images.

4.       Practices among employees

          1)       Create teamwork by helping each other to benefit the work organization as a whole

          2)       Create and maintain an atmosphere of unity and solidarity among employees

          3)       Supervisor should treat himself/herself to be respect of subordinate by act as good example to others according to the organization goodwill

          4)       Treat your supervisors respectfully; treat their colleagues with kindness and respect in dignity of others

          5)       Do not take the work of fellow employees to impersonate their work

5.       Practices among organization

          1)       Practices according to laws, regulations, orders and resolution from Board  resolutions

                   -         Compliance along with related regulations which involves organizations’ operation includes laws, regulations and orders from Board resolutions

                   -         Avoid any actions or conceal any actions that illegal

          2)       To record, report, keep, usage and disclosure of corporate information

                   -         Record and report information in accordance to provided systems and standard including counterfeit letters, report or other documents

                   -         Do not use information in documents, software programs, letters, articles, videotape, recording, any person work which violate official law                       

                   -         After the period of time to keep information or documents thus relevant staff must ensure that destruction is done in a way that is appropriate to data and documents of each category

                   -         Do not use corporate data obtained from performing duties in order to seek their own or other people benefits by wrongfulness

                   -        Inside corporate’ information related to business operation, business plans, resolution and comments from Board of Directors, Committee, Sub-Committee and Management as considered confidentially. Before disclosure information to any person should obtain approval from owner of the information.


          3)       Usage of Organization’s assets

                   3.1      Protection of organizations’ assets

                             -         Uses organizations’ assets economically and highest return on benefits

                             -         Assist in maintenance of corporate assets deterioration or loss by mistake

                             -         Avoid of using organizations’ assets for own benefits or others

                   3.2      Usage of computer and information technology

                             -        Employees need to practices along with guidelines and orders related to using computer and communication includes electronic information of company strictly for benefits; avoid any illegal or own benefits                                                              -       Employees need to avoid any websites that company  considered as illegal and violate morality and abstain from disseminating information or website to other people including avoid unrecognized sites as suspicious in safety

                             -        Only authorized employees have right to access the data files whether it in form of data files, computer and other prohibits unassigned employees see, report, delete, destroy or changes information/password or any other action which caused damages.       

                             -       Employee whom uses corporate computer should have license software in order to prevent intellectual property violations                                  

                   3.3      Intellectual Property

                             -         Use of works or receive information that is right of third parties to use within the company then company need to examine in order to make sure that not prohibit intellectual property of others.

                             -         After retirement for being employees need to return any intellectual property either data is stored in any format to company

6.       Receiving items or other benefits

          1)       Do not demand anything or any other benefit that has a duty or business associated with organization whether by self or other

          2)       Do not accept any items or benefits from another person from someone else who has related business to company except for occasional or traditional festivals thus such reception must have to influence on any decision making which is unfair to the performance of duties.                                  

          3)        By accept any items or benefits that do not follow rule 2) as its essential to maintain good relationship between people thus recipient shall report this to his/her supervisor                 

          4)       By accept any items or benefits to various activities in organization or is interaction between organizations thus recipient shall report this to his/her supervisor

7.       Providing other thing or benefits

          1)       Do not use any means to make money, property, goods or other benefits to any person who intends to induce or to act incorrectly

          2)       Do not offer money, property or other benefits to business associates. To exchange privileges that should not be

          3)       Spending on business entertainment is acceptable, but it must be reasonable

8.       Exercise on Political

          1)       They should exercise their rights as good citizens under the Constitutional Law and other relevant laws

          2)       Avoid any activities which cause that understand that an organization is involved or supporting a political party, a political party or any group of power

          3)       Does not use corporate property to support any political party or power group

9.       Follow up and Reviews

         1)       It is the duty and responsibility of the directors and employees to know, understand and strictly follow the code of ethics

          2)       The supervisors at all levels must take the responsibility for their employees to act in accordance with this code of conduct seriously

         3)        All supervisors must lead the way in ethical conduct and promote a working environment. Employees and other stakeholders understand that ethics is the right thing to do and cannot be cited. I do not know the guidelines set out in this Code. 

          4)       When in doubt be sure to follow the code of ethics. Consult with the supervisor or the corporate governance department or the same agency, but name it another person responsible for overseeing code of ethics


10.      Complaints

To inform on complaints

          If action is suspected of violating or not complying with the Code of Ethics then inquiries or reports to the responsible person as follows.

          1)       Self-Reliant supervisors at all levels

          2)       The agency responsible for that matter directly

11.      Discipline

          Ethic is considered as one of discipline which employees need to practice strictly who violate or fail to comply will be determined disciplined thus encourage other to follow code of ethics as well

          1)       Do not follow the code of ethics

          2)       Recommend, encourage other not to follow code of ethics

          3)       Ignore negligence when encountering breaches or non-observance on code of conduct in event that they know because they are involved in task under their responsibilities                       

          4)       Do not cooperate or interrupt the investigation that claim to have violated or not followed code of ethics

          5)       Any unfair action to other due to face that person reported non-compliance thus unethical actions as mentioned to practice along process of consideration and punishment related to code of ethic.