Practice 5         Nurture innovation and Responsibility Business

            The Board of Directors is aware that almost every process of operations must give importance to society and the environment including aware of stakeholders in all groups by conduct business with responsibility and fairness to all stakeholders. Moreover, establish clear policies and raise awareness of company’s and its subsidiaries employees to be responsible for social, environment and all stakeholders by establishing policies and practices in “Code of Conduct and employees ethics” as well as distribute to directors, executives and all level of employees. Moreover, uphold the guideline for treatment of all stakeholder to ensure that interested will be treat fairly thus company has revealed in title of “Code of Conduct” under “Good Governance” on company’s website

            The company take care all stakeholders equally by following practices


1.            Shareholders

            The company has respect basic right of shareholders as set by laws, regulations, code of conduct and related rules as practices to every shareholders equally; distribute business in order to build highest satisfaction for shareholders by focusing on long term growth, return as appropriate continuously thus has transparent management system, account system that are reliable and maintain property of company, control over related transaction, measure to prevent conflicts of interest and use of information for personal benefit as also a mechanism that gives shareholders the confidence to receive correct information

            In year 2020, the company does not pay dividends for year 2018 business operation as net profit of 312.57 Million Baht thus most of net profits are unrealized gain from securities value and company need to reserve cash as working capital and invest more in various projects.

            The company has accurate and complete results on business reporting regularly every quarter and disclosure of transaction with connected parties through SETSMART of Stock Exchange of Thailand and company’s website

            By this, every company’s shareholders are invited to attend 2020 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and have right to vote in every importance agendas by receiving importance information in various way such as documentation and electronic information


2.         Employees

            Employees of company and subsidiaries are valuable resource and importance part concerning drive through business toward success, business goals of organization therefore strive to develop and enhance culture in order to support work as create all employees to be proud and believe in organization, treat employees politely and respect on human right, take care of employees equally without any discrimination. The company has a basic policy to promote employees unity, have confidence and trust each other, respect human dignity as well as personal rights, employment, hiring, appointment and transfer employees which will based on morality and uses of human resources to maximize benefit of company

            The company is committed to develop potential of its employees as well as providing equal opportunity to create career advancement for all employees, development on skills, knowledge and capability of all employees to be ready to work and supporting business expansion in future which includes create career stability and give opportunity to progress according to potential of each person. Moreover, involvement of employees in determining direction of operations and development along with policies related to compensation by providing fair compensation that is appropriate to knowledge, responsibility and practical of each employee


             Compensation and Welfare of employees

            The company has reasonable compensation which according to knowledge, abilities, roles, responsibilities, performances and provide welfare to enhance quality of life and well-being thus subsidiaries has establishing a welfare committee to provide opportunities for employees to participate in welfare administration as well as promote of various activities all time which gives employees to communicate or give advice matter of work through specified channels


            Compensation of Employee: The company provides fair compensation to every level of employees in accordance to business operation each year and compared with same size and type of business as in long term there is clearly measurement in performance and potential of employee arrange to growth  by in line which have reasonable welfare.


            Employee Benefit: The company has provident fund in order to care on benefits of employees and encourage long term saving in the future which includes as incentive to employees to work in company for long time by employees as a member of provident fund will received subsidy at the rate of 5 percent of their basic pay which members can accumulate funds into fund at the rate of 5-15% of wages as voluntary of member thus when members become de-active, they will receive a contribution, including the average net benefit under the terms of the fund


            The subsidiaries has promote and support employees for organization development by election “Welfare Committee” (Term of this committee equal to 2 years) to present employees and be intermediary as coordinate with subsidiaries in order to relieve employees of various problem apart from welfare received which includes consult and listen to comments.


The company and its subsidiaries has provide benefits and safety to employee as standard benefits (accordance to law) such as working date, holidays, annual leave, other holidays, Social Security, Compensation Fund, Provident Fund. Mentioned benefits are continuously promote to employee

1.     Welfare to develop employee

-     Provide to support in term of internal and external education

      -     Provide seminar of knowledge related to work within and outside the company


2.     Welfare to help for cost of living and the family

-     Provide hygienic canteen with reasonable price

-     Provide form to employees (daily) and employees (monthly)

-     Provide transportation to employees

-     Provide expenses on travel costs, vehicle and fuel expense

-     Provide help in term of rent (house)

-     Provide lunch allowance

-     Provide incentives of bonus, shift, experiences etc.

-     Provide welfare on victim cases, in cases of death of parent and married couple of employee includes allowance for death

3.     Welfare to encourage employee savings and stability in the future

-     Provide provident fund to save money in the future which members need to  accumulate as 5 percent of wages and subsidy at the same rate from company

-     Provide saving and credit cooperatives

-     Provide gratuities to employees or commutation for maintain benefits from retirement

4.     Provide health care

-     Provide medical room by having registered nurse including medical supplies and  medicine

-     Provide annual health checkup and health check by risk factor


5.     Welfare for sport and recreation

-     Provide athletic to strengthen health, build harmony and build good relationship within  employees


Employee Development Policy: The company and its subsidiaries has policy for employee development in order to competitive advantage of organization in term of market, professional development, management and quality of life thus provide training for development for employee at least 6 hours/person/year which is not less than 50% of total employees as end of year






Amount of Employee


Rational of Training


Training for 6 hours





Training less than 6 hours





Total employee as end of 2019






Name of Training Program

Number of Hours


Method for measuring acidity-base of accurate measurement results


Seminar on Network for increasing labor productivity, Rayong


Preserving hearing : surveillance and prevention of osteoarthritis No.1


Preserving hearing : surveillance and prevention of osteoarthritis No.2


Driving a forklift safety and correctly


Documentation QP/QM/FM/WI ISO: 2015


Submission of electronic financial statement (DBD e-filling) for Public Company Limited


System integration to expand organization potential and increase opportunities in business


Professional application of modern inverter


Love Rayong Factory; Jointly prevent and reduce accidents within and outside factory


Dangerous from chemical and first care aid


Cultivating safety behavior BBS


Seminar for major power user in Rayong Province


Principles of being supervisor


Standard risk assessment for occupational injuries ISO 45001


Predictive maintenance measurement with motor 4.0 era


Standard depth TFRS9 TFRS16 essence, impact, guidelines and case studies


The operator controls forklift truck safety


Review of work on cranes


Penalties and danger of substance abuse


Safety officer Supervisor Level


Labor relation Law


Initialization and basic resurrection


Senior Energy Personnel in Basic Theory


Seminar Industrial electricity users No.35/2020


Discussion and exchanges for system development Health Management in Organization


Happy and ready for retirement


System usage for SET Link


Primary Fire


The commander spits crane over the head, who gives the operator signal


In totaling of 30 courses



            Safety and hygiene in work and working environment : The company and its subsidiaries has play attention on safety and hygiene in workplace by set clearly and concrete policies including set up safety committee in term of health and environment of workplace (Kor.Por.Or) in order to work on safety and good hygiene for employees – check on safety of workplace regularly, safety securities for 24 hours, CCTV, indoor alarm system, fire extinguisher, fire door through held fire safety training and first aid training to employee every year. The company and its subsidiaries have communicated with their employee and operator to acknowledge and involve in those practices as follow:

-       Support and creative for work by safety and preserve the environment

-       Support in order to create safety in workplace, provide safety equipment and workplace as well as encourage knowledge and work with safety

-       Make policies for all supervisor to be responsible for safety in workplace in accordance to regulation of safety as set by company and its subsidiaries strictly

            Apart from this, company and its subsidiaries has public information, any knowledge relate to disease prevention and care of employee health through exhibition and advertising boards by following process.



Committee in term of safety, health and environment in workplace










Staff Member















100 but not more than 500















100 but not more than 500












Safety Officer











1.     Jor.Por. (Executive Level)














2. Jor.Por. (Supervisor Level)














3. Jor.Por. (Professional Level)





































Accident statistics





Leave statistic due to sickness


·       Less than 3 days





·       More than 3 days






            Communication Chanel for employees: Apart from complaint channel as above mentioned- company and subsidiaries has opened up direct channel for communicate, suggest, complaint and report any problems related to work between employee and commander to welfare committee and report to Board of Directors next.

            The company has set defend employee complaint protection which includes co-operatives in investigation, fact will be protected from unfair practices due to cause of complaint e.g.; interfering with performance, change job and lay off

            In year 2020, all suggestion has been considered and corrective action in order to maintain good relationship with equally treatment among employees thus company has implement by a mechanism that does not affect employees who report the clues and will keep it secretly

 3.         Customer

Boards of Directors play intention to relationship on building and taking care of customers therefore company and its subsidiaries holds honesty and fair for doing their business operation, not violate right of customers/ treat customers equally which base on fair competition for both parties

Subsidiaries have policies to response customers in order to lead to success of company in accordance to practices and regulations agreed with customers.

·       Provide advice including accurate and sufficient information to customer also meets customers need with speed, maintain client confidentiality thus not take client confidentially to be used for advantage or wrongful related

·       Development on products and services in order to meet customers need by innovative ways to add value to your products continuously

·       Play attention on keep information of product secretly and not use as self-benefit

·       Play attention to information which benefit to customer by having clear labels other than law required

·       Provide division for customer services or consumer in term of complaint and suggest on  product quality, convenience services by emphasize on customer needs together with fairly conducted to customers.


In year 2019, there aren’t any complaint from customers significantly thus company and subsidiaries have analyzed the causes in order to prevent and monitor all system also deploy this to whole organization. Moreover, managing director has play importance roles on mentioned subjects by set division to be responsible and report to Executive Board to be resolved, build relationship, satisfy existing and new customers which as result in continue order


4.         Competitors

            The company and subsidiaries has treat competitors without violating and secret or knowing their trade secrets by fraudulent

·         The company and subsidiaries has process the business in accordance to honest and fair trade competition framework which complying with an agreement with trade competitors equally under framework of law and company’s code of conduct

·         Not seeking confidential information of business competitor in dishonest or inappropriate ways

·         Not to damage the reputation by accusing the competitors

·         Promote and support free trade fairly, not monopolizing or requiring customers of company and its subsidiaries to trade with company only

·         Not acting in violation of the intellectual property of competitors

            In year 2019, the company and its subsidiaries has no dispute with regard to competitors


5.         Partners

       The Company and its subsidiaries have played an importance role on focusing of practice equally and fairness which based on fair return on both sides. Its business partners must not bring discredit to the reputation of the company, or the law.

·         No receive or consent to accept properties or other benefit apart from trade agreement

·         Build relationship, good corporation and product development in order to strengthen capacity and business performance together with long run of joint business (win win solution)

·         Products procurement is importance process of administrative expenses and product quality to reach highest benefit of company therefore criteria and evaluation system needed

·         Encourage partners to participate in international standards related to Environmental

In year 2019, no appear that company and subsidiaries has obey in suppliers agreement

6.         Creditor

      The Company and its subsidiaries have practices under the conditions strictly together with

build relationship with creditor in order to create trusted and confident by on time payment to creditor under the credit term agreements in advance

      The company and subsidiaries have bank transfer through media clearing which is more convenience for creditor.

      In year 2019, company and subsidiaries have business creditors which are in the pass we have never default of payment.


7.         Labor

       The company and its subsidiaries have to ensure that company and their subsidiary has not used illegal labor.


8.         Human Rights

        The company and subsidiaries has encourage Executives and employees as citizen to exercise their rights on constitutional legal and strictly on human rights principles which is increasing on value of human resource as importance for key business by not discriminating within organization  gender, class, color, race, religion, society as well as do not use child labor and resist sexual control

·         Provide knowledge of human right to employees and not support activities that violate human rights

·         Avoid partnering with organization lead to violate human right

·         Give the employee right to argue for self-identification if the fault is indicated or any corruption on job thus any complaints will attentive and act fairly

·         Provide any channel to employee or whom believe their rights are violated or unfair treated then could complaint to company as complaints should be taken care of treated fairly

Throughout the business operation, company and its subsidiaries never have a history of unfair

practices and no law suit in this matter.


9.         Political Rights

·         The company and subsidiaries support executives and employees to uses their right as a good citizen according to the constitution law and other relevant laws

·         Executives and employees not use the authority to invite colleagues. Including subordinates to support any political activities, whether directly or indirectly


10.        Government

            Doing business operation under provision of law and regulations of strictly regulated by the agency to cooperate in providing information, was required, and requested by the state agency. By this, the company has pay Tax paid correctly and on time in accordance with the laws of VAT, Business tax, Income tax, withholding tax label stamp duties and a personal income tax.


11.        Social and Community

            The company and its subsidiaries has realize importance on social and community by set policies to instill a sense of community as responsible in social and community to executives and every level of employees continuously for improvement on quality of life and benefit in society to return profits in social and community regularly

·         To create understanding on communicate with community and social in term of business operation, responsible for communities and social by do not cover facts that may reveal

·         Organize activities that benefit community and society such as building the library, funds donate to charity and charitable organizations, Hospital and Buddhist activities

·         Take advantage of resources as needed by minimal impact to social and community

            Subsidiaries has certified of CSR-DIW from Department of Industrial, Ministry of Industry as it an award for industrialists which continuous development and good responsibilities among society continuously

            Subsidiaries has certificate for work place of drug free Department of Labour Protection and Welfare


12.        Environment

            The company and its subsidiaries operates by focusing on natural resources and environment

which pay attention to energy conservation activities which support better quality of life includes awareness of preservation and conservation of the environment to remain sustainable beneficial to the community.

·         Encourage employee of consciousness about responsibility on Environmental throughout organization continuously by driven by both inside to outside and outside to inside

·         Improvement and development process in term of machinery and technology continuously also have manage systematically both in production of goods and services in order to reduce environmental impact

·         In order to be consistent with policy on managing environmental, company and subsidiaries has practice as follow mentioned policy and ISO 14001:2015


Educating and training employees in environmental issues:

            The company and subsidiaries has recognize the importance of campaign also raise awareness of executives and employees to care of environmental by enhance knowledge on environmental issue through exhibition within and outside organization continuously


To promote efficient use of resources:

     The company and its’ subsidiaries has set policies to employee to user resource effectively in all process related business operation for highest return by taking environmental affect into consideration as define measurement to prevent and mitigate effect that may occur systematically

      The company and its’ subsidiaries using resources efficiently and effective in term of cost, control energy consumption and create awareness for organization and build employees to be involved in energy efficiency in all aspects such as electricity, oil and water supply continuously both workplace and home. Be aware on energy saving and to acknowledge effects of global warming

·                     Supporting on production process that are environmentally friendly in the field of plumbing conservation and waste management both in factory and office eg; Peak Demand Control System in order to control usage of electricity and installing of energy for saving systems (Evaporative), using LED bulbs (brightness without heat) as environmental friendly as long service life of 50,000 hours

·                         Reduce paper consumption by using 2 sides of paper together with development information technology in term of workflow system to replace the paper in workplace both factory and office, meeting conference through VDO conference