Practice 4         Ensure Effective CEO and People Management

            Board of Directors has realized that personnel to hold position of executives (every level) such as Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director of subsidiaries and Deputy to Managing Director which an important management position and is part of company’s goals therefore Board of Directors roles is to overseeing that recruitment of such persons must be appropriate and transparent by considering on knowledges, abilities, skills and experiences to set up structure of compensation with appropriate and supervision to manage and develop personnel in accordance with direction and strategy of company


1.      A succession plan of top management

         Board of Directors realize a succession at executive level especially leadership of organization such as Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director of subsidiaries with objective on making confidence for investor, organization through employees that the company's operations will be carried on in a timely manner

            1. Define the explanation of word “Top Management” which relevant to organization’s goals and strategy including specific qualification, knowledge and required skills

            2. Selection of second level from top management with vision, knowledge and ability

            3. Analyze qualification individually in order to find strength and other thing need to be improved

          Board of Directors has meeting with executives, top management, secondary top management (succession plan) together with executive chairman by monthly - Meeting of the performance of the company and subsidiaries as part of supporting the succession plan

               By this, executives has continuous monitor and evaluate on performance of individual who will be promoted to hold the position of executives thus to be consider and propose to Board of Director meeting for approval


2.         A succession plan of supervisor of each department

1.     Provide development on secondary executives in term of vision, knowledge and ability to support chief executive and commandant respectively.

            2.     Provide training in term of enhance academic knowledge and learn in real work Situation

            3.     Provide secondary executives to be corporate and work with Chief Executive

            4.     Set secondary executives which can descendant and set properly on positions

            5.     Prepare personnel with unique capabilities and gain more comprehensive management

            6.     Middle executives to have chance in management in lines.

            7.     Provide training of each line systematically

            8.     Provide training to Chief Executive, Middle executives to be responsible on their task with honest to organization and overview of organization in order to become next level of


The company has schedule meeting every month by Executives, Top Management and Secondary Top Management (succession plan) together with Executive Chairman which is operating results of subsidiaries thus includes shareholders meeting to set organization objective. In addition, create a sense of participation and build awareness in working process and as part of succession plans.

3.         Orientation for New Director

            In case there are new directors; the company has set specified guidelines for preparing the duties of the directors so that directors can take the position immediately with company secretary acting as a coordinator in the following areas;

            1. With the company secretary acting as a coordinator in the following areas such as Article of Association, objective and structure of company, Corporate Governance                        Policy Guide, Anti-Corruption Policy and Code of Conduct

            2.  Arrange meeting with Chairman, Board of Directors, Subcommittee and Management of company to acknowledge information related business operation


            By this, year 2020 no orientation for new director due to no appointment of director