Report from the Remuneration Committee

                        Remuneration Committee of Capital Engineering Network Public Company Limited has been approved from Board of Director which currently consists of 3 Independent Director namely:

            1. Dr. Visit                    Ongpipattanakul            Chairman of Remuneration Committee

            2. Mr. Jakkathan            Yothanan                      Remuneration Committee

            3. Mr. Yanyong             Wattanawongpitak         Remuneration Committee


The company realized on remuneration for Directors and Top Executives therefore appoint Remuneration Committee to propose return policies, guideline of compensation for Board of Directors and Sub-Committee through Top Executives to be consistent with the duties and responsibilities in line with the company's performance and economic conditions

            Year 2020 there are 1 times of Remuneration Committee meetings in order to consider and approve to Board of Directors which can summarized as follows;

            - To consider on compensation of remuneration committee and subcommittee as appropriate rate compared to responsibilities as same industries including business operation of year 2019 by considered remuneration of the Board of Directors and sub-committees with approval to pay meeting fees on a per-time basis

            - To consider criteria on adjustment of salary and annually bonus of top management as reasonable in order to be consistence with company business operation

            Furthermore, The Remuneration Committee deems it appropriate to be consistent with duties and responsibilities of Board of Directors to consider together with practice under equality, fairness and transparently in accordance to good corporate governance along with Securities and Exchange Commission and Stock Exchange of Thailand.



In the name of Remuneration Committee

Capital Engineering Network Public Company Limited

Mr. Wutichai Leenabanchong

Chairman of Remuneration Committee