Report from the Board of Directors

To Shareholders

                        Year 2019, Thai economy expanded to decline to 2.4 percent from a 3.0-3.5 percent growth although government helped to support some purchasing power continuously but Thai export sector is still affected by prolonged trade conflicts and slowing global economy which cause production in term of industries and export to slow down. Year 2020; Thai economy expected of not much expand around 2.8 – 3 percent for Public and Private Investment which will begin to move forward this year as many projects were postponed from previous year. Especially large scale infrastructure investment as now been signed and started to invested along with investment in EEC which includes 5G technology network thus should move forward after auction if completed

            Nonetheless year 2019 is another year Board of Directors and Executives give importance role business operation growth together with keep up with chances in economic and society by turning back to manage cost in order to make use of investment funds As well as formulating strategies and business plans in the subsidiaries to be in the same direction to comply with the government's economic stimulation policy Including studying new products In order to create more value for the company and subsidiaries

            However, throughout the past period apart from company and its subsidiaries has play importance roles on cost management including development of an organization management system to increase efficiency and competitiveness thus taking into account all stakeholders Commitment to management in accordance with good corporate governance as an internal control system thus have appropriate risk management and continuously support in term of anti-corruption

Lastly, on behalf of The Board of Directors, Executives and employees of Capital Engineering Network Public Company Limited would like to thanks shareholders, alliance of commercial, government and private institutes for their continue supporting the company all the times

Mr. Wutichai Leenabanchong