Articles of Association


Capital Engineering Network Public Company Limited 


Accounting, Auditor and Dividend Payment

(39)       Fiscal year of company Financial starting from January 1 and ended December 31 every year

(40)       The Company shall arrange for, and properly keep the accounts of the Company, as well as the audit according to the relevant laws, and shall prepare the balance sheet 

              and profit and loss accounts at least once in 12 months period, which is the accounting period of the Company

(41)       The Board of Directors shall arrange for preparation of the balance sheet   and profit and loss accounts as of the end of the accounting period of the Company, and shall 

              submit the same to the shareholders meeting at the annual general meeting for approval.  The Board of Directors shall arrange for such accounts to be fully audited 

              prior to submission to the shareholders meeting for approval

(42)       Board of Directors will deliver following documents together with Invitation letter to Annual General Meeting to shareholders

  (1)     Copy of audited Balance Sheet, profit and loss account together with Report from Independent Certified Public Accountants

              (2)     Annual Report of Board of Directors

(43)       Auditor shall not be Directors, employees or any person holding any position in the company

(44)       The auditor shall at all reasonable time have access to the books and accounts and documents relating to revenue, expenses, assets and liabilities of company during 

              working hours also may examine Directors, employee any person holding any position in the company or any other agents include facts or documents relating to the 

              affairs of the company

(45)       Every Annual General Meeting of Shareholders ,auditor shall responsible for attending the meeting as considering on balance sheet, profit and loss statement and any 

              problem occurs to accounts for clarification to shareholders. By this, company will send minutes and related documents which shareholders should receive to auditors 

              as well

(46)       Under Article of Association No.47, no dividend shall be paid out of any money rather than profits. In case company still has accumulated loss, no dividend shall be 


                        Dividend shall be paid equally

                        The Board of Directors may pay to the shareholders interim dividend from time to time, if there is sufficient profit for such payments, and shall report the same 

              to shareholders at next shareholders meeting

(47)       Companies must allocate the net profit to a reserve at least 5 percent of net profit (annually) deducted by losses carried forward (if any) until this reserve amounting not

              less than 10 percent of registered capital. Apart from mentioned, Board of Directors may propose to Shareholders meeting for resolution of other allocate to reserve in 

              order to go on with company business operation.