Articles of Association


Capital Engineering Network Public Company Limited 


Transfer of Shares

(11)       Shares of company could transferable by unimpeded unless this transfer lead to company acquired for Thai national holds less than 51 percent or non-Thai national           holds company shares more than 49 percent

(12)       A share transfer shall be valid upon the transferor's endorsing of the share certificate by stating the name of the transferee and having it signed by both the transferor  and the transferee and delivering the share certificate to the transferee. The transfer of shares will be effective against the Company upon the Company’s is having  received a request to register the transfer of the shares.

                       When the company has seen that those transfers is right and follows through Laws and company article of association within 14 days counting from request date

             unless transfer incomplete then The company has to informed petitioner within 7 days.

If company shares are listed in The Stock Exchange of Thailand then transfer shares will follows through accordance with the Securities and Exchange  Commission

(13)       In the case where a transferee wishes to obtain a new share certificate, he shall make request to the Company by submitting a written request bearing the signatures of

              the transferee and of at least one witness in certification thereof together with return the old share certificate to company within 7 days and issued new share certificate

              within 1 month counting from request date

(14)       In case shareholders die or bankrupt person entitled such shares then bring certificate is surrendered to the law and evidence presented to company, The Company shall

              be accepted as shareholder and issuance of new certificate share within 1 month counting from date received the evidences

(15)       The Company may suspend the registration of transfers of shares covered during 21 days before each shareholders meeting date and announce to shareholders at least

              14 days in advance before suspend the registration of transfer of shares