Articles of Association


Capital Engineering Network Public Company Limited 


Issued of Shares 

(4)       Shares of the company’s common shares are held in registered form

(5)       In payment for the shares, the subscriber or purchaser shall not be offset against company unless the company issuing new debt. For payment to creditors under a debt-financed by resolution of shareholders’ meeting by a vote of not less than three-fourths of total number of shareholders. Shares present at the meeting and entitled to vote.

                      Issuance of shares to repay debt and to fund projects under the preceding paragraph. According to criteria and procedures prescribed by law.

                      Every company shares need to be once fully pay

(6)       Shares of company were granted If two or more persons hold shares jointly shall appoint one of them as an exercise as a subscriber or shareholder, as the case.

                      Share transfers must be signed by Director or printed at least one, however, Directors may assign Share registrar in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Commission, or a signature instead

(7)       The company wills issuance to shareholders within 2 months, counting from date which registrar get listed company or date received whole amounts as in the case of newly issued shares following the registration of the company

(8)       Amendment or volatile substance of shares certificate, shareholders may ask the company to issue a new share certificate within the time prescribed by law as the old share certificate shall be returned to and cancelled by the Company.

                     In case shares certificate has lost or destroyed, shareholders should bring the proof of notices to inquiry official and other relevant evidences to company then we shall issue new share certificate within the time prescribed by law

(9)       In the issuance of a new share certificate under the preceding paragraph, the fees at a rate prescribed by the Company shall be paid, provided that such fees shall not exceed the rate fixed by law.

(10)      The Company is prohibited from purchasing or acquiring its own shares and only exception to following cases.

                       The company may purchase back of shares from shareholders which vote was opposed to the resolution of the general meeting of shareholders of the Company  approved the amendment on the right to vote and the right to receive dividends, to vote. The shareholders that is not fair.

                       The company may purchase back of shares from shareholders as objective of financial management in case company has retained earnings and excess liquidity  also purchase back of shares as a result, the firm is not experiencing financial difficulties

                        By this, shares which holds by company will not counted as quorum in shareholders meeting including no right to vote and receive dividend payment. The company need to sell purchased back of shares follow (1) and (2) within prohibited times. In case the company could not sell purchased back of shares within prohibited times then will decreased paid-up capital by cut off registered capital shares are not sold

                        Purchase back of shares, selling shares, cut off any registered capital shares will all follows to regulation and methods as mentioned in Ministry

                        Purchase back of shares needs to approve by Shareholders meeting unless this purchase amounting not exceeding 10 percent of registered capital. Otherwise                       Board of Director have authorized to approved