Practice 2         Define Objectives that Promote Sustainable Value Creation

            Board of Directors should define objective and goals by focusing on investment and build sustainable value of those investments in Construction Engineering Business, High Voltage Transmission Tower Business group and Energy Business which includes any related potential to growth business to create value and sustainable growth to group of company for best benefit of every stakeholders which is ultimate goad for company. In addition, to seek opportunities in investment under good corporate governance and beware of every group of stakeholder as regardless of considering highest return and passing those return to shareholders.

            Board of Directors jointly to formulate strategies and yearly plan of company and its subsidiaries to be consistence with vision and mission in determining each year; Board of Directors will consider in various subjects by considering various risk factors such as Financial, Strategic and Business Operation as well as taking sociality, environmental and stakeholders in every group into consideration.

            Board of Directors realized importance on social responsibilities and environmental together with doing company’s business operation by participating in improvement of the quality of life of communities around the factory, respect for human rights principles and fair use of labor to build sustainable communities and factories

            In addition, Board of Directors have set guideline for business operation of company and its subsidiaries to lead to growth goal by focusing on balance of returns for quantity and quality by encourage every employees of company and its subsidiaries must be combined together by take stakeholders into consideration to be responsible for sociality and environmental to enable operations in all sectors to achieve their goals

            The company has good corporate governance and gives right to employees and stakeholders in every group within inside and outside individuals and groups, organization such as employees, investors, customers, partners, community, social, environment, government agencies, compliance which can communicate or give clues on corruption directly or indirectly, offense on law or code of conduct or company’s policies or right violation including any behavior that may be a problem causing damage to company or unfair treatment. Moreover any suggestion related to business operation there are way to report clues as follows:


            1.         Through company’s website

            2.         Through E-Mail / Telephone

·         Executive Officer

     TEL: (02) 049-1041                     E-mail:

·         Corporate Secretary

            TEL: (02) 049-1041 ext. 1021      E-mail:

3.          By Post Mail

·         Mr. Wutichai      Leenabanchong “Chief Executive Officer” or

·         Ms. Jantharat    Sodsonchit “Corporate Secretary”

            Capital Engineering Network Public Company Limited 

            1011 Supalai Grand Tower, 17th Floor, Room No. 1703 & 1704, Rama 3 Road, Chongnonsi, Yannawa and Bangkok 10120

4.          Fax       : (02) 049-1045


            The clues, complaints and suggestions will be considered and implemented as appropriate on a case-by-case

            Board of Directors assigned to Executive Chairman and/or Corporate Secretary is the person considering the notification of clues and complaints and any suggestion of stakeholders to Executives and/or Audit Committee and/or Risk Management Committee to investigate and report respectively thus whistleblowers and complaints will be kept as the company's confidential information.

            Year 2019, company and its subsidiaries there are no cases of giving or receiving a bribe for any business benefit