Capital Engineering Network Public Co., Ltd. (CEN) was established since 1988.

      Its focus is on investment in energy, engineering & construction material and service business.The Company is listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand (“SET”) since 1991. Current registered capital is 746.69 million baht.

In 1994

The Company acquired 100% share of Rayong Wire Industries Public Co., Ltd. (RWI)

In 2000

The Company entered into the business restructuring plan by order of the Central Bankruptcy Court for business performance recovery

In 2003

The Company changed its core business into a holding company.

In 2004

The Company had fulfilled business restructuring plan, and Company’s stock trading has been resumed in Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)

In 2006

The Company has purchased common stock and convertible debentures from Ua Withya Public Company Limited (UWC). After conversion, the Company holds 90.98% of UWC’s shares with a paid-in of capital of 250.5 million baht. Moreover, CEN has invested in Enesol Company Limited for 35% of share

In 2007

The Company has increased its investment in Enesol Co., Ltd. to 80.82% of shares, with registered capital of 242 million baht.

In 2008

According to Annual General Meeting conclusion and the judicial order of Civil Court,the Company changed its shareholding structure and management structure.

In 2010

The Company invested 99.99% in CEN-IMC Co., Ltd.

In 2011

CEN-IMC Co., Ltd., subsidiary company, has changed its name to Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd.

In 2012

The Company invested in HTP & CEN Corporation Co., Ltd. for 51% of shares.
Ua Withya Public Company Limited (UWC), CEN’s subsidiary company is listed in Market for Alternative Investment (mai).

In 2013

The Company invested in Thansettakij Co., Ltd, Leading business newspaper, with 35% of share.             
The Company invested in WJC Enterprise Co., Ltd. with 89.23% of shares.             
The Company invested in PPS Energy and Marine Co., Ltd. with 65% of shares.

In 2014

Rayong Wire Industrial Public Company Limited (RWI) is listed in Market for Alternative Investment (mai).
The Company sold shares of PPS Energy and Marine Co.Ltd.

In 2015

HTP and CEN Corporation Co., Ltd, CEN’s subsidiary, has changed its name to Evergreen Biomass Co., Ltd. with the company objective in biomass fuel production, and has increased its registered capital to 50,000,000 baht

In 2016

The company has divestment of Thansettakij Company Limited as their nature of business are printing medias, advertising and event activities to existing shareholders of Thansettakij in the proportion of 35 percent

The company has issuance and offering warrant to purchase ordinary shares (Warrant No.4 or CEN-W4) as amounting of 372,570,689 units to existing shareholders by proportion of holding shares with no charge

In 2017

The company has entered into Collective Action Coalition against corruption and develop policies and code of conduct in written in order to have clear guideline for conducting business and develop into sustainable organization

In 2018

The company relocated from 900/15 SVOA TOWER, 19th Floor, Rama 3 Road, Bangpongpang, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120 to 1011 Supalai Grand Tower, 17th Floor, Rama 3 Road, Chongnonsi, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120

In 2019

The company has certified of Thailand's Private Sector Collective Action Coalition against corruption